At Facebook, I worked on a new advertising tool that can help big brands like CocaCola and Walmart to target ads more precisely using Facebook's AD platform. This tool enables all sorts of complex data to be converted into visual data which can then be used to enhance how ads are targeted to individual users on Facebook, and to personalize the experience it is based on different parameters like location, time, and a persons habits like eating and workouts. 


Netflix is one of the biggest online streaming services in the world with some 81 million subscribers around the world. Every movie or show on Netflix has well written content and the website as a whole is presented to give excellent user experience. But its a huge task to get all the content from various freelance content creator, so to make this happen we created a project management web application that helps project managers and content creators to work on numerous projects with ease.



Postly iOS app focuses more on simplifying communication between users and to increase the privacy that has been lost due to multiple social networking platforms. The refreshed app offers three simple features; threads, groups, and stories. The app's main focus is on content and how it gets displayed, (whether it be photos, video, music, location, or text) it never fails to deliver.

TD Bank

A conceptual iOS app created as a personal project to improve the existing banking system on mobile devices. The re-designed app focuses on a user's day to day online banking experience and can be easily accessed on their mobile. One of the major features is Goal based saving by yourself or with your friends.


The abode gateway connects and protects your entire home, the gateway works as an all-in-one security device for all your smart home devices. Abode gateway hub includes powerful home automation capabilities to create and control your home right from the web and iOS app.


AXS Health

Accessing to healthcare system is an overly complicated, and expensive and ultimately unsatisfying experience. The average wait time to see a physician is 18 days. Patients are simply not getting the care that they need. To simply this process, AXS Health is designed to serve patient in the most quick and simple way possible.


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